Inspection solutions for top quality requirements

Inspection solutions for top quality requirements

Whether pharmaceutical or biotech products in liquid, highly viscous or freeze-dried form; Whether syringes, vials, ampules or cartridges: We know the stringent requirements that sensitive products and fragile containers place on transport systems as well as the demands that our inspection technologies pose for handling. We offer you the optimal solution for all of your inspection needs, enabling you to ensure that only flawless products leave your facilities.

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High-speed for vials, ampules, cartridges

Our MS and VI machines inspect up to 600 containers/minute, in addition to vials, ampules and cartridges with liquid contents, also vials with lyo product. Depending on the inspection requirements, we can integrate any inspection technology of our Seidenader Solutions as well as add a machine module for leak testing.

Factsheet: MS

Technical details of our MS inspection machine


Factsheet: VI

Technical details of our VI inspection machine


High-speed for syringes

Our MS-S and VI-S machines for syringe inspection can be perfectly combined with our de-/renesters for Seidenader DE.SY.RE. Depending on the inspection requirement, we can integrate any inspection technology of our Seidenader Solutions.

Factsheet: MS-S

Technical details of our MS-S inspection machine


Factsheet: VI-S

Technical details of our VI-S inspection machine


Brochure: DE.SY.RE

High-performance inspection combined with de- and re-nesters: the perfect inspection system for large scale production lines.


Flexible inspection for vials and syringes

Our Switch 75 is a flexible inspection platform for small batches.  It comes standard with an integrated de-/renester system but can also be integrated into your production line via turn table or directly inline. Two inspection carousels allow the inspection of vials and syringes on one machine.

With up to 12 camera stations, you can check all important defect criteria for liquid as well as freeze-dried products - from particles in the product to numerous cosmetic defects to the tightness of vials filled with lyo product.

Factsheet: Switch 75

Technical details of our flexible Switch 75 inspection machine (onepager)


Brochure: Switch 75

Flexible inspection platform for small production batches - handles syringes and vials on the same machine


The right technology for every product

Non-transparent foreign objects

A normal, opaque particle blocks the light and thus appears in the camera image as a dark object against a green background.

Transparent particles

A transparent particle such as a piece of glass refracts the light and deflects it. This causes not only the green, but also the blue and red light rays to hit the detector, where they create a specific color pattern.

Air bubbles

An air bubble refracts light rays differently than glass, causing the color pattern to be reversed. This physical effect enables Bubble-X to reliably distinguish the two objects from one another.

Bubble-X: Distinguish air bubbles from particles

Is it a particle or just a harmless air bubble? Our Bubble-X technology detects the difference – with the help of light refraction. 

When inspecting parenteral products, good products are often rejected as defective because the camera cannot distinguish harmless air bubbles from dangerous particles. Biopharmaceuticals, which are usually expensive, are naturally prone to air bubbles. Reduce your number of false rejects — and save millions of euros with Bubble-X. 

3D inspection: particles in highly viscous products

Manufacturers of highly viscous products such as hyaluronic acid know how challenging particle inspection is for such products. In liquids, foreign bodies change position when you rotate the container. However, they don’t move if the content is viscous. Our solution: Precise handling, high-resolution cameras, and an innovative calculation method — these are the elements of our 3D inspection system.

High voltage for leak detection of liquids

If leaks allow ambient air into a container, pathogens can also intrude. Moreover, the air can alter the active ingredient or even render it ineffective. A pierced needle shield on syringes also compromises the sterility of the product, in addition to posing a risk of injury to medical personnel.  

With high voltage, you can avoid these risks: HVLD stands for our leak detection (High Voltage Leak Detection), HVNSI for the inspection for pierced needle shield (High Voltage Needle Shield Inspection).

HSA for leak detection of lyos

When the tried and tested high-voltage leak detection system cannot be used due to lack of electrical conductivity of the product, our laser-based Head Space Analysis (HSA) identifies leaks by analyzing the gas composition in the container.

Brochure: Inspection Technologies

Particles, cosmetic defects, container integrity: whatever the task, we have the perfect inspection solution for your product.


We make it fit your needs


For some products there are good reasons for turning inspection upside down. Do you have a product that has somewhat different handling requirements than most others? Our special handling module for camera inspection and leak detection (HVLD) easily masters unusual challenges.

Persistent droplets at the stopper or the shoulder of a vial may be misinterpreted by cameras. Reduce your false reject rate: Our UpsideDown module rotates the vial 180° for inspection. Liquid covers the stopper and the shoulder – the droplets are gone, so are the false rejects.

Do you want to check containers with low fill levels for leaks? The UpsideDown module is the right solution for this purpose. The critical closure and shoulder areas are safely tested upside down in the carousel. 

Viscous products in ampules pose a particular challenge for leak inspection. In an ampule that is upright or lying on its side, the contents cannot spread to the tip for the interior to be sufficiently wetted with liquid. That’s why for high-voltage testing our UpsideDown turns the ampule upside down and rotates it to distribute the contents from the tip to the entire sidewall. In this way, we enable every product to be reliably checked for leaks.


You want to integrate leak testing into your inspection machine? Or do you need a stand-alone machine? Our HVLD Slim lets you have both.

Whether you are dealing with vials, ampules or cartridges, our HVLD Slim module enables you to reliably inspect your containers for leaks: Vacuum star wheels transfer the container into a horizontal inspection carousel. Held at the closure and base, it is rotated around its longitudinal axis and guided past the electrodes. In this way, the inside is completely wetted with liquid and the sidewall of the container, including the closure, is inspected all around with high voltage.

For complete leak testing, another HV station is integrated in the module, over which the container is guided in an upright position - for the bottom inspection.


You want non-glass-to-glass contact in your entire production process? Our high-performance inspection combined with de- and re-nesters is the perfect inspection system for large scale production lines when syringes are delivered in tubs.
A de-nester at the inspection machine’s feed system lifts the syringes out of the nest and gently places them into the infeed. In the process, the containers do not touch each other. There is also no friction, pressure or vibration during the inspection. At the inspection machine’s outfeed, a re-nester lifts the syringes back into the nest. No glass breakage, no air bubbles in the product — this is how you minimize the downtimes of your production line as well as the false rejection rate.

Brochure: DE.SY.RE

High-performance inspection combined with de- and re-nesters: the perfect inspection system for large scale production lines.


Best operator support

Optimize the results of your visual inspection by employing automatic product handling and a perfectly adapted inspection environment. 

More accurate, space-saving, and up to five times faster than manual inspection: The Seidenader V90+ supports your operators in simultaneously checking multiple criteria such as foreign matter in the product, impurities and damage to a container’s sidewalls, bottom, shoulder or closure area. This is ensured by various illuminations, mirrors and a magnifying glass. 

Reproducible inspection settings

Parameters such as rotation speed or light intensity are stored in the HMI along with the respective recipe and are automatically loaded to enable reproducible inspection settings. The high-speed rotation system, which is driven by a servo motor, swirls up foreign matter inside the liquid for particle inspection. The container then rotates around its axis at an individually adjustable speed in front of the operator for a 360° inspection, so that also cosmetic defects on the entire surface are detected. An LED feedback bar confirms the status of the container via colored luminous markings. This enables the operator to see at a glance whether he or she has marked the container as defective or not.

If you want to inspect different products on your machine, it can be quickly and tool-free adapted to other formats.

Factsheet: V90+

Technical details of our V90+ semi-automatic inspection machine


AI/deep learning: Eject-X

Empower your inspection with AI

When inspecting expensive pharmaceuticals and biopharmaceuticals, often flawless products are rejected. Fixed vision system thresholds cause false eject rates of up to 15 %. They cost the global pharma industry up to US$ 750 million per year. We have found a way to eliminate up to 99.9 % of false ejects by using deep learning for our vision software: Seidenader Eject-X.

Flyer: Eject-X

Deep learning for optimal inspection results: a brief overview.


Laboratory unit: EVE

Our mobile and flexible lab unit EVE provides you with the settings of up to 14 camera stations for the simulation of your production environment. Gain data and insights to optimize your existing process and products or develop new ones.

Flyer: EVE LabUnit

Plug & inspect: Our mobile inspection unit for testing production parameters in laboratory environments, and suitable for countless other inspection and testing applications.


Manual inspection: MVIC

The mobile MVIC (manual visual inspection cell) in cGMP design can be easily adapted to the needs of each operator, providing you with optimal conditions for comfortable work.

User-friendly controls, hydraulic height adjustment, adaptable armrests, configurable light intensity, magnifying glass, holder for IV bags, different backgrounds, and LED indicators to ensure that mandatory inspection intervals are adhered to: all this makes work easier and improves the inspection result.

Flyer: MVIC

Manual inspection: Our user friendly platform MVIC facilitates all manual inspection applications in the pharmaceutical market - in accordance with USP1790


Pharma Academy Inspection

We offer courses and training programs for highly specialized areas. These training services are tailored to your specific requirements and needs. You can select from a wide range of topics: from web-based training programs for machine operators of semiautomatic and fully automatic inspection machines to maintenance and configuration training courses that enable you to optimize the safety and quality of your production operations.

Flyer: Pharma Academy Inspection

Classroom training, web-based training, blended learning, virtual classroom - find the best suitable training concept for you.


Your benefits

One idea, endless possibilities

Our Seidenader Solutions are characterized by modularity and flexibility that leave nothing to be desired - both within a machine and across the entire product portfolio. 

Infinite applications, one software

The modules and machines are all controlled by uniform software and operated via a consistent HMI. In line with our motto “configuring rather than programming”, we can easily adapt new machines, upgrades, and retrofits to your wishes and requirements.

Over 125 years of experience, one goal

Your high quality requirements are our benchmark. Since 1895 we have been developing solutions for the pharmaceutical industry with the objective: delivering the difference.


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