Packaging machines from industry experts

Packaging machines from industry experts

As a leading supplier of primary and secondary pharmaceutical packaging machines, we package liquid and solid pharmaceutical and medical products more than safely: beyond that our packaging solutions are sustainable, environmentally conscious and patient-friendly.

Over the entire manufacturing and logistics process, this results in concrete advantages for you as a manufacturer of parenterals as well as your end customers, which positively influences your TCO and maximizes your OEE.

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Dividella NeoTOP x

Modular and expandable, the Dividella NeoTOP x can be adapted to the specific requirements of pharmaceutical product manufacturing. It is ideal for the production of small to medium batch sizes.

Dividella NeoTOP 804

The Dividella NeoTOP 804 can easily handle up to 270 packs per minute (in triple mode). Like all the machines in the NeoTOP family, it can be expanded or retrofitted with additional modules and infeed systems. This makes it ideal for the processing of a wide range of products while maintaining top performance.

Dividella NeoSmart

With the Dividella NeoSmart solution, Körber's Pharma Business Area offers a modular and expandable packaging system that is not locked into one implementation. We enable flexible and efficient production, especially for low-volume applications. And thanks to the FlexUnits, a fast, online format change is possible - without line clearance.

Dividella NeoTOP Tool

For the packaging of very small quantities and clinical studies, you are on the safe side with the carton erector (Dividella NeoTOP Tool T1) and carton sealer (Dividella NeoTOP Tool T9). Both unitsare GMP-compliant and ensure easy and safe handling. The reliable cold gluing of the Dividella NeoTOP Tool from Körber can be converted to hot gluing as production volume increases. With the same mono-material packaging style, this enables seamless up-scaling to semi- or fully-automatic topload cartoners.

lI appreciate the willingness and speed of the Körber staff to respond to all our questions and concerns. They are honest and competent at what they do. r

Chris Carrigan, Engineer, Exela Pharma Science

Brochure: Dividella NeoTOP x

Flexibility at its best


Brochure: Dividella NeoTOP x value

Basic Functions Dividella NeoTOP x - faster to market


Brochure: Dividella NeoTOP 804

Flexibility & Speed - mid to larger size lots


Your benefits

Production & manufacturing

Flexible machine platform, fast format changes, secure process through 100% post-loading verification, lower total cost of packaging and total cost of ownership (TCP and TCO)

Logistics & procurement

Flat monomaterial blanks made of cardboard (inbound), compact exterior dimensions (outbound), product protection

Marketing & regulations

Sustainable packaging concept (no plastic), high recognition value thanks to double-sided printable cartons, tamper-evident closure, patient-friendly, safety options, Track & Trace

Sideloading cartoning machines for the pharmaceutical industry

To ensure that blisters, ampoules, vials and similar reach patients safely and in compliance with GMP, packaging machines for secondary packaging must meet high requirements. The sideload cartoners from Körber are perfectly adapted to this. The flexible, modular machines allow effortless expansion of a blister, sachet or stick pack systems into a complete, high-performance production line. 

lThe modular approach is groundbreaking for our customers and for us as a manufacturer. r

Ulf Leineke Head of Research & Development at the Körber Business Area Pharma


The exceptionally large format range makes the P2 cartoner maximum flexible for applications in medical devices, liquid dose or complex products but also large cartons for solid blister packs. 150 (big) cartons per minute, the intermittent P2 is the leader in its class and the 180mm pitch makes this possible.

Versatile cartoning options for solids and parenterals

Our P2 and P4 intermittent motion sideload cartoners are equally suited for packaging solids and parenterals. The difference lies in the pitch: the P2 and P4 models, with a pitch of 120 millimetres, are suitable for small and medium batches, while the P4 scores with almost twice the production speed of the P2. The latter, however, is characterised by high versatility and with a pitch of 180 millimeters provides ideal packaging solutions for folding boxes that are more than 90 millimeters wide.

The perfect partner for large blister packs and flexible applications

Up to 300 packages per minute: whether for big multipacks or individual packages, the P3 cartoner from Körber offers an unbeatable performance when combined with an upstream Blister Expert BE. Optimum visibility and accessibility from transfer to insertion and closure make format change.

Packaging at top speed

Up to 500 cartons per minute can be packed on the P5 high-speed cartoner. It delivers maximum performance even with large formats. Thanks to its modular design, the integration of further functionalities at a later date makes the machine a worthwhile and future-proof investment.

Datasheet: P2_180

150 ppm for large packs


Datasheet: P2/P4

300 ppm on a small footprint


Datasheet: P3

300 ppm for versatile appliaction


Datasheet: P5

500 ppm for high performance


Blister packaging solutions

When it comes to individually developed, future-proof and versatile blister lines for medical products, Körber is the right partner for you. With our packaging solutions, we support you at all times in meeting the constantly changing requirements of a demanding industry. This also applies to newly added formats or products. Designed for nearly one hundred percent technical runtime and efficiency, we offer you flexible solutions that allow you to respond to changes immediately.

lThis out-of-the-box concept offers our customers more flexibility, better upgradeability and reliability while reducing project planning effort and thus lead times. r

Stefan Kemner, Systems Integration & Portfolio Management at the Körber Business Area Pharma



Powerful & Intuitive

Typical application for the BE3 and BE5 class are various blisters for parenteral products and medical devices in orientation for high speed application. Safety and quality of the product are therefore paramount. Gentle product infeed and several operating principles within the machine also have a positive effect on the quality of the formed blisters, even when it comes to demanding films.

Maximum modularity and future-proof on the smallest foot print

Ideal for small batch sizes, many format changes or a wide variety of packaging materials – the BE4 reliably meets all requirements. It enables a highly efficient process thanks to the two-lane operation with a very small footprint. Thanks to the 100% modular concept of the Blister Expert platform, the BE4 can be upgraded to a high-speed solution at any time.

Reliable high-speed solution for your future-proof blister production

The BE high-speed solution performs a stable production of up to 800 blisters per minute – day and night. Reliability and robustness have served as guiding principles for our machine design. Thanks to 100% modularity, it also allows entire functions to be easily added or replaced at a later date. This means you are always equipped for changing requirements and applications.

Datasheet: BE3

Versatile & Future proof: Packaging for Medical Products.


Datasheet: BE3/BE5

Powerful & Intuitive: High speed blistering for parenteral products and medical devices


Datasheet: BE4

Agile & Robust: Perfect for small production jobs.


Datasheet: BE6/BE8

Fast & Reliable: Stable production of up to 800 blisters per minute.


Your benefits

Best process stability

An additional draw off unit at the forming station results in the elimination of shrink effects. This provides 100% shrinkage control for maximum process stability. Even when restarting after a longer machine stop, the BE starts with a constant index

Highly versatile – product packing

Most versatile machine for deep draw applications such as parenteral products or medical devices. With an extremely wide format range, we are flexible for any application. Whether it’s an individual feeding system or a standard transfer: Gentle handling of sensitive products is always first priority

Open clamping packs or sealed packs

The generalist for large cavities and special customer requirements. Solutions for open clamping packs is also the basic specialty of this flexible blister machine. On request, our tooling specialists will work out the blister design together with you

Stick pack packaging: fast, flexible, and pharma-compliant

Convenience is a major priority in the pharmaceutical industry, because the easier and more convenient it is to take medication, the better. Stick pack packaging of pre-portioned products is the ideal primary packaging for this purpose. The LA600SP stick pack machine from Körber uses a side-loading process to package free-flowing powders, granules, pellets, and liquids for you. Up to 1,000 stick packs can be filled per minute. 

In connection with our P1600 cartoner, it creates a smart combination for a primary and secondary packaging solution. Moreover, stick packs consume up to 40% less material than sachets that have the same filling capacity. This reduces your material costs and at the same time improves the carbon footprint of each product.

lStick packs consume up to 40% less packaging material than conventional four-edge sachets that have the same filling capacity. r

Frank Bröckling, Head of Flexible Solutions Körber Pharma Packaging Machines DE

Your benefits


Modular design allows adaptation to future needs as well as the addition of further functions (e.g. leak detection, weighing) 


Suitable for liquids, free-flowing granules, powders, and pellets; large format range possible for stick packs and cartons


Direct stick pack guides ensure a stable production process; quick machine accessibility simplifies cleaning and maintenance

Packaging highly effective medicines: simply and securely

Safety is especially important when packaging highly potent drugs. The strategies and measures for protecting employees must go hand in hand with the design of the production facilities. At Körber, we are familiar with these challenges and can offer you intelligent packaging solutions based on decades of experience and individually tailored to your needs.

The spectrum is wide: it ranges from small batch sizes for personalized medicines, where high flexibility of the entire process chain is required, to highly sensitive, biological medicines, which require defined stable temperature and humidity conditions.

Occupational safety must also be ensured. For example, any contact between employees and highly potent materials must be prevented during the filling and packaging process. In some circumstances even a closed working environment (containment solution) is mandatory.

Körber's modular packaging solutions focus on digital solutions, automatic processes, flexible format changes, ease of operation and simple cleaning. As a result, they simplify the increasingly complex production process for pharmaceutical manufacturers, while at the same time master them safely and efficiently

lWe adapt flexibility to your requirements and will bepleased to present a solution which suits to you. r

Bernd Seliger, Technical Product Manager Körber Pharma Packaging Machines

Your benefits

High efficient at a reasonable price

The BE4 could operate as 1 or 2 lane version. Therefore a maximum output of up to 400 blisters per minute is possible. Due to the 2-lane operation mode the web speed decreases and allows for simple dosing principles

Fast change over

Our BE platform works with fewer format parts in an ultra light design. On top of that, be excited about more automatic adjustments, magnetic clamping systems and guided change over services

Consistent sealing quality thanks to patented technology

Full surface contact between the roller sealer and its actively temperature controlled center core. Constant sealing time, independent of the machine speed with platen sealing. No new validation necessary when changing the machine speed

Do you want customized, precise packaging solutions that will smoothly integrated into your production processes? We at Körber will provide you with an optimal solution for innovative and customer-specific packaging even before you buy a machine. We offer this service for new pharmaceutical products as well as existing ones.

More and more new laws, the increasing risk of counterfeit products, and patients’ growing demands are making the development of packaging for pharmaceutical products a demanding task. Benefit from the expertise and many years of sector experience that the packaging experts at Körber offer.

Functional, economical, innovative

Our packaging specialists combine precise data analyses with design thinking techniques and use computer-aided design (CAD) to create packaging that precisely conforms to your needs.

The growing competition on the market also requires solutions and processes that are functional as well as economical. We at Körber are at your side whenever you are looking for innovative packaging solutions, special folding boxes, and project management. No matter whether you need optimal secondary packaging for syringes or vials, ampoules or sterile products, biotech products or biosimilars.

We’ll gladly provide you with sample packaging.


  • Development of optimized packaging that meets all requirements
  • Lower costs thanks to optimized amounts and dimensions
  • Higher productivity due to easier machinability
  • Innovation workshops

lWe design the optimal packaging and create the appropriate packaging line — you get a complete solution.r

Stefan Ehrne, Head of Engineering Packaging Machines AG

Brochure: Monomaterial Packaging

Always adapting to your requirements


Packaging made exclusively of 100% cardboard monomaterial

Insert made of injection-molded paper fibers

  • Dimensionally stable product made of injection-molded paper fibers
  • Use of sustainable resources
  • High-quality design and pleasant to the touch
  • Usable for sideload and topload packages

Cut-out partition blanks

  • Firmly glued-in cut-out partition made of cardboard
  • Patented topload process
  • Packaging put in an upright position in a single process step with the setting up of the cut-out partition
  • Variable combinations of syringes, ampoules, needles, and package inserts

Cardboard insert

  • Slide-in, glued insert made of cardboard
  • Cost-efficient production
  • Usable for sideload and topload packages
  • Variable combinations of syringes, ampoules, needles, and package inserts

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